EnviroChem's Quality System includes policies and operational procedures to ensure the services provided by EnviroChem are scientifically valid, legally defensible and of known and documented quality. An important aspect of the Quality System is maintaining certifications by nationally recognized accrediting authorities and participating in interlaboratory proficiency testing programs.

EnviroChem is NELAP certified (FL E87977) for Non-potable Water and EPA/ADEM certified (AL 40810) for Drinking Water. EnviroChem is a proficient participant in the NPDES DMRQA Program for Wastewater and the AIHA Proficiency Testing Program for Industrial Hygiene.
Our Ethics Policy
All EnviroChem Laboratory staff are required to perform their duties with utmost integrity and in an ethical manner. All EnviroChem staff, to the extent of their responsibilities and duties, are required to abide by the laws, regulations and other criteria that exemplify the highest standard of ethical conduct within the laboratory setting. In addition, all EnviroChem staff are required to promote the administration of policies and programs which enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of laboratory operations.